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Spring and Fall Packing List

1. Sleeping Bag stuffed into a stuff sack or laundry bag. Lined with plastic garbage bag 4 mm. (If the sleeping bag is a summer bag pack a small blanket to line sleeping bag)
2. Pillow (If scout does not want to roll up jacket for a pillow)
3. Ground Cloth 3ft. x 8 ft.
4. Pad (camper closed foam)

1. Sweat pants & Sweat shirt that is hooded ( if not pack Stocking Cap and Neck Collar)
2. Thin pair of gloves to cover hands
3.Socks sweat sock (preferable wool or wool blended)
4. Space Blanket or light Blanket

1. Main Pack
2. Tennis Shoes/ [Duct Boots ??? (Do Not use if real cold)]
3. Hiking Boots
4. 4 - pair wool socks
5. 2 - pair sock liner (Polypropylene or Orlon or nylon)
6. 4 - plastic food wrap bags (line boot if weather is wet)
7. Tennis Shoes
8. Underwear (1 to 2 pair)
9. Long pants Belt (jeans or preferably polyester)
10. Sweat Pants
11. Scout T-shirt (1 to 2 depending number of nights)
12. Long Sleeve Shirt
13. Flannel
14. Sweat Shirt
15. Turtle Neck
16. Wool Sweater
17. Polar Fleece (hooded if have one)
18. Light pair of gloves (temperature in 30 to low 40's night time and early morning)
19. Jacket lined not heavy winter coat ( use sweater or heavy flannel shirt as liner, etc.)
20. Jacket should be wind proof type (if not use rain coat or poncho cut wind)
21. Stocking cap (note: cap will get wet after day time use & should not be for sleeping cap)
22. Cap &/or Bandanna (for capture flag Optional)
23. Rain Gear (Coat and Paint or Poncho)

1. Mess Kit with a dunk bag (10 # Orange or Potato bag works well for this & double storage)
2. Cup / spoon, knife & fork
3. Canteen or Water Bottle (16 oz plastic pop bottle works well)
4. Belt hang water bottle (Optional)
5. Wash Cloth & Hand Towel (Bath Towel if stay long 1 to 2 nights and facilities showers available)
6. Flash Light & Batteries (pack space set of batteries)
7. Pocket Knife (No Sheath knife are permitted per BSA rules)
8. Matches
9. Scout Hand Book
10. Compass
11. Stool or Fold up Chair
12. Day or fanny pack

Personal First Aid Kit (Scout Handbook pages 27 To 28 & 401 to 443) include:
Adhesive bandages
Adhesive tape
Sterile gauze pad
2 / 3 Quarters
Sewing Kit
Tooth Paste
Throat Lozenges
Tooth brush
Tylenol (optional)

Sun Glasses
Ball / Bat / Glove
Camera & Film
Deck of Cards
Uno game
Dental Floss
Trail Food
Hard Candy
Identification books (Trees/Birds Etc)
Spark Stick
2 Straps