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Court of Honor: We probably had a record number of merit badges for this Court of Honor. Twenty two boys earned a total of 70 merit badges and five advancements in rank. Four boys earned five advancements in rank: Michael Young earned Scout and Tenderfoot, Michael Johnson earned Tenderfoot, Zachary Malosh earned First class, and Mike Hook earned Gold Palm. Twenty one boys earned seventy merit badges. Chris Gang earned twelve merit badges! (He attended two weeks of summer camp which makes this more possible to accomplish.) Zach Malosh and Robbie Solt each earned five merit badges; Brent Beckham and Mike Brazeau each earned four merit badges; Alan Beyersdorf, Peter Blank, Chris Kujawa, Ryan Mallory, Patrick McCarthy, John O’Brien, Sean Rogers, Matthew Siebeneck, Joseph Voyles, and Michael Young each earned three merit badges; Patrick Gill, Patrick Hoen, Michael Johnson, and Chris Malcom each earned two merit badges; and Greg Kissner and Robbie Wisniewski each earned one merit badge. WOW! Way to Go Guys!!!

There were some pretty nice prizes handed out for the fishing contest at Kelly’s Island. Michael Young caught the most fish (20) and he won a new fishing pole. Ryan Mallory caught the biggest fish (a 10" Perch) , Sean Rogers caught the most different species (four), and Brent Beckham caught the smallest fish (one inch). All three boys won new tackle boxes. Next year Mr. Hook wants a fish if he can’t go though - you guys ate them all up at the fish fry!!

Kelly’s Island: Although I did not go to Kelly’s Island this time, I heard by way of the grapevine that our troop impressed the other two boy scout troops that were staying there and also some other campers. I also heard we did a good job on the service project on the glacial grooves. This reflects well on the boys as well as the adult leaders. Way to go Troop 87. Keep it up.

I would like to recognize Mr. Dan Malcom for organizing and obtaining the prizes for the fishing event and also for working with the scouts on the Fishing Merit Badge.

Car Wash: Once again, the Troop did very well on the Car Wash. The Troop made $519.00 minus expenses. We will continue to replace some of our tents with this money. Thanks to all the boy scouts who helped : Brent Beckham, Pete Blank, Alan Beyersdorf, Chris Gang, Pat Gill, Pat Hoen, Todd Humphrey, Mike Johnson, Chris Kujawa, Chris Malcom, Zach Malosh, Pat McCarthy, John O’Brien, Sean Rogers, Matt Seibeneck, ViJay Seth, Rob Solt, Joey Voyles, Chris Yaslik, and Mike Young. Thanks also to all the adults who helped: Tom Blank, Garrick Johnson, Dave Kujawa, Greg Kissner, Dan Malcom, Pam McCarthy, Ann Marie O’Brien, Mike Rogers, Ann Seth, Ken Wisniewski, and Kevin Young.

Christmas Wreaths: Just a reminder, we are making plans for our major troop fund raiser of the year, selling Christmas wreaths. This fund raiser is the main source of money for your troop. Your support and your scout’s support is very important. More on this activity at the next parent meeting in October.

Troop Elections: The Troop had their bi-annual elections. The Senior Patrol Leader is now Todd Humphrey, the ASPL is Mike Brazeau, the Quartermasters are: Chris Malcom and Zach Malosh. The Scribe is: Peter Blank and the Librarian is: Ryan Mallory. Congratulations to the new officers and a big thank-you to the past officers: Chris Malcom (SPL), Greg Kissner (ASPL), Adam Miller and Mike Brazeau (Quartermasters) and Sean Rogers (Scribe).

Mrs. Seth: Due to a conflict in schedules, our treasurer, Mrs. Seth, will not be attending the Wednesday meeting for the rest of the year. Mrs. Seth will continue to be our Treasurer and Mrs. Robaszkiewicz will act as her representative on Wednesday nights. To make things go smoothly, any money collected for the Troop should be in check form, made out to the Troop and in the memo section, identify what camp out, etc. it is for. Thank you for your cooperation.

Atomic Jamboree: Our next outing will be the Atomic Jamboree held Friday, Saturday and Sunday (October 8, 9, 10) at Davis-Besse. We will be camping near Davis-Besse and will be spending the entire day at the Davis-Besse Training Center working on the Atomic Energy Merit Badge.

Davis-Besse Tour: A separate but related activity will be a tour of Davis-Besse on Sunday morning (9:00 am). However, due to the rules, no one under 12 years old may take the tour. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is not my requirement. Therefore, the new scouts will not be allowed inside the plant this year. They will be returning home after breakfast and breaking camp. The rest of the troop will be returning after the tour. (Be back around noon). We need to check to make sure we have appropriate drivers to return the scouts in two groups. NOTE: The scouts must wear long pants and firm shoes, no open toed shoes while on the tour.

Permission Slips: There are two very similar permission slips for the Atomic Jamboree. One is for the actual merit badge activity and the other is for the tour on Sunday. Both of these need to be completed. There forms were passed out at the last meeting. If you did not get one, I still have a few available.

Leader Training: Are you interested in being a trained leader?? Toledo Council offers two sessions per year (fall and spring). The Scout Leader Training (SLT) is scheduled for:

Part I and II Saturday, October 9
Part III Friday night October 29 through Sunday morning October 31.
If you are interested, we have the appropriate forms for you to fill out.

|The following has been submitted by Pete Blank, our newly elected Troop 87 scribe:Saturday September 18th was the Scout car wash. We started at 10:00 AM and finished up at 4:00 PM. Most of the scouts and parents joined in to help wash. We held it at Werner & Blank, across from Meijer’s. At the end we made about $500 in donations. We all liked it and hope we can get some new tents!

Troop 87 Website: For those of you who are able to access our new Troop 87 webite, there is now an easier to remember address. The original one still works, as well as the new one. If you feel that you no longer need a “snail mail” newsletter, send an e-mail message to that effect to either Todd ( or Sherrie Humphrey ( You will receive an e-mail notice each month when the new newsletter is on the website. Here is the new web address:

Merit Badge Counselor List: The website has the most up to date merit badge counselor list. There are still a few forms being completed and changes being made before the new merit badge counselor list can be distributed. Anyone who still plans to make any changes, please do so quickly via Ken Wisniewski. Thanks !

Coming soon:
Revised Adult Leader Roster
Calendar for the 1999-2000 year
Other Upcoming Calendar items:
Next Parent Meeting: October 20th
Catholic retreat: November 12th-14th
Winter Weekend I: December 10th-12th