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Troop 87 Scout Newsletter
October 20,1999 Parent Meeting

Committee Chairman:
At a recent leader meeting, Mr. Tom Blank has agreed to become the Troop Committee Chairman. Mr. Blank will take over that position from Mr. Jim Morris who was the Committee Chairman for the past two years. I would like to thank Jim for time for serving in this position, and I welcome Tom. It is very gratifying to know that there are individuals willing to spend their time and energies for the development of our youth.

Atomic Jamboree:
The Atomic Jamboree at Davis-Besse was very successful and interesting. Over 150 boy scouts and 40 adult leaders attended. Troop 87 had 19 scouts and 9 adults attend. Some of the scouts still need to finish the requirements for earning the merit badge.

These requirements are: Make 3 - three dimensional models of hydrogen; make the radiation sign; and identify contributions made by 5 scientists. Scouts who have competed this merit badge had their “blue card” handed back to them. If the scout needs help in completing this, please see the Scoutmaster.

Catholic Scout Retreat:
The next camp out will be November 12, 13, and 14 at Camp Miakonda (cabin camping!). The scouts will need to register by Wednesday, Nov. 3. Cost will be $10.00 per scout. Patrol assignments have already been made. If your scout is working on the Ad Altari Dei religious award, this will fill one of the requirements.

Christmas Wreath Fund Raiser:
The Christmas Wreath Fund raiser is the main source of income that supports the many troop’s activities. It is expected that every scout will support this fund raiser. As in the past, we will provide a $2 per wreath incentive for each wreath sold for the scouts. This money is to be used for scout activities / equipment. However this year, in order for the incentive to kick in, the scout must sell at least 5 wreaths. Also, the scouts are expected to support the Christmas wreath sale after the masses on November 20 and 21. Sign ups for that will begin November 10 and parents are also needed.

One 10" wreath will be distributed per scout on November 10th to show and then SELL. The price will be the same as last year ($15 for a 10" wreath; 20$ for a 14" wreath.) Please keep the sample wreath in a cool place and occasionally mist it to slow down the natural drying process.

Camp Alaska Training:
In January, we will be spending a night (24 hours) outside in a shelter that the scouts will make. Although to the adults, this seems cruel and inhuman, it is actually one of the highlights of the scout year. Because of the nature of this campout, we take it very seriously. There will be 5 mandatory meetings to prepare for this outing. Older scouts who have been on numerous Camp Alaska nights will be allowed to miss some of these meetings. If your scout is planning on attending Camp Alaska, these are the important meetings not to miss:

November 17- Clothing (also Parent Meeting Night)
December 1- Shelter Building -- knots
December 15- Shelter Building -- Shelters
January 5- Fire building & Ax / Saw Safety
January 12- First Aid / Food

National Jamboree:
There is a video available from the 1997 National Jamboree for anyone to borrow that is considering signing up for the next National Jamboree in 2001. See Mr. Gang for the video and also for paperwork to sign up. Any boy in the troop now will be old enough to go by the time the Jamboree arrives. There will be fund raisers to help pay for this once in a lifetime experience (unless he gets to go as an adult leader, of course!). The troop cannot go as a troop - a contingency from our council will be going.

As a reminder, the yearly dues were due last month (September). If you see a star on your envelope on the address label that means you have not yet paid your dues as of the mailing of the newsletter. They are $50.00 per year. You can pay now for the entire year, or pay for six months now and then in six months pay the rest. See Mrs. Robaszkiewicz.

Note: if your scout has Christmas wreath money due from last year, please use it up (help pay for the dues, hint, hint). We do not want to keep carrying this on the books.

Treasurer’s Report for September:
Amount on hand as of 9/01/99: $933.13
Income: $1455.07 (Dues, Activities, Car Wash Fund Raiser ($514), Misc.)
Expenditures: $1176.01 (Activities, Supplies, Program Materials)
Total amount on hand: $1212.19
In Savings Acct.: $1518.87 (Not expendable)
Total Expendable funds: $1175.88 (plus $39.69 in BSA Account at Council, minus $76.00 credited to scouts for wreath credits).
(Note: When you understand all that, you’ve probably been around the troop quite a while!)

Calendar and Upcoming Events:
I have received input from the scouts for next year’s activities, met with the leaders and am in the process of finishing up the 1999-2000 calendar. However, the following dates are firm. Please mark these on your calendar at home:

November 3- Ad Altari Dei Session

November 12, 13, and 14- Catholic Scout Retreat at Miakonda

December 10, 11, and 12- Winter Weekend I at Miakonda

January 22 and 23- Camp Alaska at Pioneer

February 25, 26, and 27- Klondike Derby at Pioneer

July 9-15- Summer Camp at Pioneer

August 18, 19, and 20- “Silver Weekend” USS Silversides and Silver Lake

Other activities we need to confirm the dates on are: Toboggan day, COSI @ Columbus, COPE Course, whitewater rafting, canoe outing. 1999-2000 is shaping up to be another fun and adventurous year for Troop 87.

The next parent meeting will be: November 17.

The following articles have been submitted by Sean Rogers:

On Aug. 13 Troop 87 left for a weekend of canoeing on the Rifle River. Mr. Gang and his family went up that morning to set up camp, so when we arrived at 10:00 PM all we had to do was set up some more tents. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Gang. We left for our day on the river around 9:00 AM. We did not pack anything to drink or eat because we were stopping at camp for lunch on our way down river, and then going to continue on our trip the next morning. It was a sunny day, but the water was cold. Many ended up in the water due to the many turns in the river. Mr. Solt and Mr. Voyles won for the number of times their canoe tipped over. At one point we all had to get out of our canoes to lift them up over a fallen tree. That is where everyone got blasted with the water guns or dunked in the water. We had not planned on the trip being so long; we did not get back to camp until 3:00. We were out of energy and starving. We all ate lunch and then 2 hrs. later fixed dinner. Mr. Gang cooked 2 turkeys in the deep fryer. The very best anyone has ever had! A double thank you Mr. Gang! Sunday morning Robbie Solt arranged a mass for us at the chapel. It was outside and a bit chilly, but closer to nature and God himself. Great job Robbie. Then we finished our trip on the river, sore rear ends and all. We all had a great time.

On the weekend of September 10 Troop 87 left for Kelly's Island. We left about 7:00 PM, then we arrived at the ferry about 8:00. By the time we got to camp, it was dark out. We set up camp and went to bed. In the morning we cleaned up the beach. One of the rangers commended us for an excellent job. We spent the rest of the day fishing. Mr. Mann was nice enough to take us out on the lake in his boat. Thanks Mr. Mann! On Sunday, after we tore down camp and went to church, we went to an old quarry. There we fished and swam. After 30 minutes we left and went home. What a wonderful camp out!

On Oct. 10, 1999 Troop 87 left for Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant. We set up camp in the dark, trying to do it in less than an hour. Mr. Hook offered a prize to us if we could do it. We were off by 10 min. It was raining so we all went to bed. Saturday we had breakfast at Davis Besse and then had a flag raising ceremony. The flag was flown from the top of the cooling tower itself. Then we attended classes where we all were able to enter the Control Room Simulator. Then lunch and more class time. After dinner we went back to camp and played capture the flag. The next morning the older scouts and adults went on a special tour of the plant arranged by Mr. Hook. We saw the dry storage area for the uranium rods, the turbines, the water processing plant, and the back up generators. It was a another great weekend with Troop 87.